Obtain compensation for unsuitable pension transfers


Were you advised to transfer your defined benefit scheme pension into a defined contribution scheme? If so, you may have been provided with negligent advice.


Our market-leading solicitors can assess whether this transfer was in your best interest and if not, help you bring a claim against the negligent party.

Do you have a claim?

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Defined benefit schemes are the gold standard in pensions. They can guarantee an earnings-based income that increases every year with inflation.


Switching your pension to a scheme that relies on investment performance is risky. If this is what you were recommended – and you’ve lost money as a result – you could make a claim.


Advisers must always give ‘suitable’ advice and clearly explain the risks of losing your guaranteed benefits. If they failed to do this, or wrongly assumed your new scheme would outperform your original pension, speak to us right away.


How we can help

Our solicitors know the complex Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations inside out. We will tell you which rules were broken, assess your potential loss, and present your claim in the most compelling way possible.


We have won many claims against financial advisers and wealth managers. Whether you’ve transferred your pension into an unregulated scheme, or switched your final salary investment scheme for a personal pension, our lawyers can assist.


Don’t worry about the cost of pursuing your claim either. We offer a range of flexible funding options to meet your particular needs and circumstances – including ‘no win no fee’ terms.


Because claims often have to be made within a certain time period, it’s vital to contact us right away. Our solicitors will give you a no obligation initial consultation and settle your claim quickly.


For a no obligation initial consultation, simply call +44 (0)1892 765 453 or complete the contact form below. Our experienced lawyers are ready to help.

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