Recover losses suffered in discretionary fund managed pensions


If your pension was transferred into high-risk investments, but you didn’t realise this because a discretionary fund manager controlled the portfolio, you could bring a claim.


Our specialist solicitors assist investors whatever their circumstances. We have detailed knowledge of the regulations and could recover your loss.

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Your financial adviser must ensure that your pension is safe and suitable for your needs. When they rely on a discretionary fund manager to invest your money, the adviser must have conducted due diligence to ensure that the underlying investments are suitable.


If you were persuaded to transfer your pension into a portfolio managed by a discretionary fund manager, and it transpired that some of the investments it contained were illiquid or unregulated, we could assist you recover the value lost from your pension fund.


How we can help


Our solicitors specialists in professional negligence actions in the financial sector including claims involving discretionary fund managers.


We’ll listen to your story, read point of sale documents, and assess the strength of your claim. Our solicitors will explain if the investment portfolio was unsuitable, help you through the process, and work to achieve a resolution quickly and painlessly.


What’s more, we make pursuing your claim very cost-effective. We offer a range of flexible funding options to meet your particular needs and circumstances – including ‘no win no fee’ terms.


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