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Was your pension pot transferred into a risky Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) scheme with unsuitable investments? Fortunately our market-leading solicitors can help.


We are experts at recovering lost or frozen pensions. If you invested in high-risk, illiquid, and speculative investments, our expert lawyers could obtain compensation for you.

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has strict rules to protect your pension. SIPP operators should treat high-risk investments like commercial property schemes, carbon credits, overseas property, storage pods, hotel rooms, diamond trading, or art trading with caution.


Although SIPP operators might not give investment advice, they still have responsibility for the quality of their service. Dealing with unregulated advisers, breaking the rules, or failing to do their due diligence may qualify as negligence.


If you invested in unregulated collective investment schemes, failed to understand the precise nature of an investment, or your SIPP contained speculative or fraudulent investments, our solicitors could recover your losses from your SIPP operator.


How we can help

Our lawyers are specialists in handling financial services professional negligence claims. We have won many claims when pensions were transferred into unsafe, unregulated, or illegal investments.


We know the complex FCA regulations inside out. We will tell you if you can claim and present your case in the most compelling manner – giving you the best chance of success.


Our solicitors will deal with your claim efficiently, helping you achieve a resolution as painlessly as possible. We have a number of ways to deal with your claim, with expertise in a range of alternative dispute resolution methods.


Because many claims must be made within a time limit, it’s important to call us as soon as possible. We’ll give you a no obligation consultation and get things moving quickly.


Don’t worry about the cost of pursuing your claim either. We offer a range of flexible funding options to meet your particular needs and circumstances – including ‘no win no fee’ terms.


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