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If you were mis-sold a foreign exchange (FX of Forex) hedging product, our market-leading solicitors can help.


Firms who recommend FX products must explain the risks clearly. If you did not understand the structure, were locked in for longer than a year, or tied to unfair triggers, barriers, limits or penalties, you could recover your losses.

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FX hedging products are a good way to protect businesses involved in overseas trade but they’re not always structured fairly. What’s more, niche brokers have pushed small and medium sized businesses into complex structured arrangements to increase their own profits – even if they’re not suitable for clients.


Hedging products are by their nature often speculative. Some limit profits if the market moves the right way but may fail to limit liabilities if the market moves the other way. Plus many include unfair termination costs, credit limits, and margin calls.


If these risks weren’t explained to you and your business has lost money, our solicitors can advise you on whether the product was mis-sold.


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Our expert financial services solicitors specialise in professional negligence and have a superb track record. They know the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations inside out, will tell you if you can make a claim and present your case in the most compelling way – giving you the best chance of success.


With our specialist lawyers on your side, your FX hedging claim can be resolved efficiently.


Don’t worry about the cost of pursuing your claim either. We offer a range of flexible funding options to meet your particular needs and circumstances – including ‘no win no fee’ terms.


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