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Accountants can be responsible for a range of errors, including miscalculations, failure to follow procedures, missed deadlines, and giving incompetent advice.


If your accountant has acted negligently and caused you loss, our market-leading solicitors can assist.

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Your accountant has a duty of care to give sound advice, identify fraud, claim tax reliefs, value assets correctly, and ensure figures are accurate. If they breach this duty of care and you have lost money as a result, you could bring a claim.


Because laws regarding tax avoidance schemes, stamp duty, inheritance tax, pensions, offshore trusts, and film partnership schemes are complex, it’s vital to consult expert solicitors.


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We have won many high value and complex claims as well as straightforward ones. Our lawyers specialise in financial professional negligence claims, and we can help you every step of the way.


Don’t worry about the cost of pursuing your claim either. We offer a range of flexible funding options to meet your particular needs and circumstances – including ‘no win no fee’ terms.


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