CIB/Real SIPP were a firm of independent financial advisors who recommended hundreds of customers to invest into off-shore property developments via their Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP). More particularly, CIB/Real SIPP advised their customers to invest in The Resort Group (commonly abbreviate to TRG), who had a number of property developments in Cape Verde. The Resort Group investment is unregulated and high risk, and not suitable for the vast majority of people.


Many investors are now faced with a particularly problematic situation, as they are unable to sell their Resort Group investment, effectively rendering their pension worthless.


If you have been advised by CIB/Real SIPP (or any other regulated financial advisor) to invest into The Resort Group, then it is highly likely that you have a claim for misselling, and you should contact a member of our team immediately.


Our team is highly experienced in successfully bringing financial misselling complaints, and our knowledge of the regulatory framework, together with our range of funding options including No Win No Fee, mean that we can provide an effective, efficient and satisfactory service that is a cut above the rest.

Do you have a claim?

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Why are we a cut above the rest?

We provide a range of bespoke funding options, including No Win No Fee

  • We are a firm of solicitors, we are not a claims management company – this means we are regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority (SRA) to provide detailed legal advice and to always work in your best interests
  • Over 90% of our FSCS complaints result in our clients receiving compensation
  • We do all of the leg work for you

Don’t just take our word for it…

Pradeep is so thorough, patient and always available.  When we first entered into our agreement, we really thought we had very little chance of success. He was always honest about our chances and by no means gave any false hopes. He is a credit to your Company.


Before Cripps Pemberton Greenish took on my case I had tried numerous law firms, and none of them appeared interested or felt I had a strong enough case to take forward. Pradeep was outstanding. He was resilient throughout, professional and never made any promises, which I felt was important. I’m finally at peace with the situation, so thank you for persevering with the case and bringing it to


I’ve been so hesitant for so long in terms of a possible good outcome that I couldn’t quite take it in.  Of course I am genuinely delighted at what you have achieved for me and I appreciate that you have had to suffer alongside me and listening to a lot of rather desperate exasperation.  What I really want to say is thank you for getting us there and not giving up on me or the case


Tristam Razzell – what a star! He kept me in touch on a regular basis, keeping me informed at every stage of the progress. He was honest as to the projected outcome, friendly, warm and very easy to communicate with – and for me the desired result – Thank you Tristam. I will always be grateful to you.