Resolve your dispute before going to court


Our experienced lawyers resolve disputes quickly. They can often do so before legal proceedings even begin – saving you time and money.


We are specialists in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) – the collective term for negotiations, neutral evaluations, mediation and ombudsman schemes.


We know these methods inside out, and will help you through the process to reach a swift and successful settlement.

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ADR is a cost-effective way to save you the stress of court. If both sides agree, the outcomes can be binding like a contract.


We offer the following ADR services:


Negotiation – simple correspondence between lawyers.


Mediation – a negotiation takes place in which a neutral mediator chosen by the parties helps them reach a settlement.


Early neutral evaluation (ENE) – an expert considers the arguments and gives an independent view. The parties can accept this analysis or use it to move negotiations forward.


Ombudsman schemes – In certain cases it may be appropriate to refer your case to an ombudsman for an independent decision.


The courts encourage ADR. Although it’s not compulsory, you will be penalised for turning it down without good reason.


Unless you’re determined to go to  court, ADR is the best and most cost-effective way to settle legal disputes. You will stay in control of the big decisions and keep life simple.


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