Examples of situations where our experienced professional negligence solicitors may be able to help include:


  • An accountant providing incorrect, or defective, financial advice to you – perhaps even advising in areas in which they are not qualified to do so
  • Failing to comply with filing or payment deadlines and/or incorrectly calculating the payment due
  • Promoting failed tax products and/or tax avoidance vehicles to you (such as certain stamp duty or inheritance tax schemes, pension schemes or schemes involving offshore trusts). Film partnership schemes are a current ‘hot topic’ in this area
  • Over or undervaluing assets
  • Carrying out an audit incorrectly (including failing to notice fraudulent or incorrect activity)
  • Incorrectly preparing and/or filing financial documents
  • Failing to advise you as to relevant changes in tax law or your tax status, which affect the type and amount of tax you pay.


Losses can include making a payment of a larger than necessary tax bill, incurring a fine due to a failure to comply with correct procedures and other financial losses arising directly from the accountant’s actions (or failure to act) or advice.


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